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Cuckoo Clock 22-09P

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These one-day chalet style German cuckoo clocks feature wooden hands, a wood dial with Roman numerals, and a warm light yellow hand-painted and hand-carved cuckoo bird. The case features a chimney sweeper sitting at on top of the chimney with a hand-carved tree and water pump at the base of the case. On the top of every hour the chimney sweeper rises up and down in and out of the chimney while the cuckoo bird cuckoos. There are also hand-painted flowers on the pendulum and on the base of the case.

The hand-carved and hand-painted pendulum continously swings back and forth which controls the timing of the clock. If your cuckoo clock's timing should ever need adjustment, you can control the speed of your clock by sliding the shield up or down the pendulum stick. Sliding the shield down causes the cuckoo clock to run slightly slower, while sliding the shield up makes the cuckoo clock run slightly faster.

Cuckoo bird calls out the half-hour and counts the hours. The 30 hour all brass mechanical Regula movement is produced in the Black Forest of Germany.

Model: 22-09P
Distributor: River City
Guarantee: New & Authentic German-Made
Chimes: None (cuckoo call only)
Movement: 1-Day German Weight-Driven
Warranty: 2 year distributor’s limited
Shipping: Free within the Continental U.S.

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 9 x 7.8 x 5.8"

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Warranty Information

Two year distributor’s limited warranty. Our company, Gift of time, also offers clock repair for the general public.
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