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One-Day Cuckoo Clock 12-09P

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These chalet German one-day cuckoo clocks feature wooden hands, a wood dial with Roman numerals, and a warm light yellow hand-painted and hand-carved cuckoo bird. The case features a beer drinker sitting at a table with a hand-carved tree and water pump. On the top of every hour the beer drinker raises and lowers his mug while the cuckoo bird cuckoos.

Cuckoo bird calls out the half-hour and counts the hours. The 30 hour all brass mechanical Regula movement is produced in the Black Forest of Germany.

Model: 12-09p
Distributor: River City
Guarantee: New & Authentic German-Made
Chimes: None (cuckoo call only)
Movement: German Weight-Driven
Warranty: 2 year distributor’s limited
Shipping: Free within the Continental U.S.

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 9 x 7.8 x 5.8"

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Warranty Information

Two year distributor’s limited warranty. Our company, Gift of time, also offers clock repair for the general public.
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