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One-Day Musical Cuckoo Clock MD411-14

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These traditionally styled German one-day musical cuckoo clocks feature wooden hands, a wood dial with Roman numerals, and a warm light yellow hand-painted and hand-carved cuckoo bird. Every hour and half-hour the dancers revolve around the turntable before cuckoo bird cuckoos. Also plays music on the hour & half-hour alternating between two different twenty-two note melodies: Edelweiss & The Happy Wanderer. The case features five hand-carved maple leaves with a single bird seated at the peak of the roof.

Cuckoo bird calls out the half-hour and counts the hours.

The 30 hour all brass mechanical German Regula movement is produced in the Black Forest of Germany, is wound once per day by raising the three pine cone weights. One weight powers the time, one weight powers the music & dancers, and the other weight powers the cuckoo and cuckoo call. Manufactured by Harzer Uhrenfabrik in the Black Forest of Germany.

Model: MD411-14
Distributor: River City
Guarantee: New & Authentic German-Made
Movement: German Weight-Driven
Chimes: Edelweiss & The Happy Wanderer.
Warranty: 2 year distributor’s limited
Shipping: Free within the Continental U.S.

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 14 x 9 x 6.5"

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Warranty Information

Two year distributor’s limited warranty. Our company, Gift of time, also offers clock repair for the general public.
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