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Clocks are our passion, which is why we offer nearly every type of clock.  In this section, we combine all clocks and categories in one place.  We include here some ideas on what to look for in each type of clock.  


Wall clocks are a broad category that includes chiming, key-wound, oversized and wrought-iron styles.  True heirloom timepieces are key-wound wall clocks.  Indeed, these mechanical timepieces will definitely become a cherished family memory.  Chiming wall clocks that are quartz battery-operated offer a wider range of price points and can also become a family favorite.  Whether it’s a mechanical key-wound style or chiming quartz style, look for the Westminster chime.  Indeed, our section on clock chimes introduces the prayer that’s associated with this chime.  Wrought-iron wall clocks are also very popular because they can complement almost any décor or ascetic.  Lastly, oversized wall clocks offer either contemporary or traditional styles and will complement any wall.  


Mantel clocks will feature either a key-wound or a chiming quartz movement.  Key-wound mantel clocks are generally considered to be heirloom quality timepieces.  Indeed, we love the mechanical chimes in key-wound clocks.  Yet, whether it’s key-wound or chiming quartz, consider the different styles offered with each.  Many mantel clocks fit into either a curved tambor or a square bracket style.  There are also contemporary models, such as skeleton clocks, which make wonderful clock gifts.


Cuckoo clocks on our site and in our showroom are made in Germany and include either a one-day, eight-day or a battery-operated movement.  One-day cuckoo clocks have good price points and therefore, make for great clock gifts.  Eight-day cuckoo clocks, however, offer much more convenience because you only have to wind them up once a week.  For many people this extra convenience is worth a higher price point.  The price points tend to go up with more animation and music.  These German cuckoo clocks also make wonderful clock gits. Popular styles include chalet, hunter’s, beer drinkers and wood choppers.


Grandfather clocks are considered the ultimate timepiece in our shop.  We love the presence they have in a room.  Like other clock categories, they also have a wide price point.  Styles include traditional and contemporary.


Along with skeleton clocks, accent clocks are some of our favorite gift clocks and are perfect for any occasion. They offer great price points and make great gifts because they can be placed anywhere and in any room.  Styles here focus on traditional and rustic presentations.  All are sure to complement and accent any room setting.


Modest selections key clock types are also featured in our clock shop and our family loves presenting them.  Our Wisconsin showroom also houses our Authorized Service Center for brands such as Howard Miller and Ridgeway.